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Word is if there is any satanic threats in the cave then the water will start back up again and there is no way out once it starts.

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Views Read Edit View history. Logan's southern portion is a mixture of commercial and residential, and contains portions of the Logan River as well as the fairgrounds and aquatic center. The northern area of Logan serves partly as a retail district with numerous shops and restaurants, including the Cache Valley Mall. Logan is the location of the region's largest and most comprehensive hospital, Logan Regional Hospital, and it is also the location of many newer residential apartments and townhouses.

The western portion of Logan is set aside as a center for light industry, especially along the area of West Street, but it also contains some residential communities. People As of the Census there were 48, people. The racial makeup of the city was Hispanic or Latino of any race were Age As of the Census there were 13, households counted in Logan, out of which The average household size was 2. In the city the population was spread out with The median age was 24 years. For every females there were For every females age 18 and over, there were Government Mayor Randy Watts took office on January 3, , and was re-elected to another 4-year term beginning Monson, and Herm Olsen.

Logan City does not use districts for voting and election purposes, as the mayor and council members are elected by an overall vote of the entire city population. Education According to the U. This may be an influence of the high percentage of Utah State University faculty and staff residing in the city. In October , there were 2, kindergarten through fifth-grade students, 1, sixth- through eighth-grade students and 1, high school students. Those numbers report about a student decrease from the previous year.

Drop-out rate was 2. There are six elementary schools K-5 , 1 middle school, 6—8 , and 1 high school 9—12 , with two campuses, in Logan. There is also a charter high school in Logan and one alternative high school in Logan for the Cache County School District.

The Cache District has two regular high schools outside Logan in other cities. Edith Bowen Laboratory School, on the campus of Utah State University, provides residents an alternative educational opportunity for their children. Thomas Edison Charter School, which has campuses in North Logan and Nibley, is a public school for grades K-8 offering an academic stimulated curriculum.

There are also a number of small private schools in Logan. InTech Collegiate High School offers an early college program as well as a STEM science, technology, engineering, and math focused curriculum for grades 9— Bridgerland Applied Technology College provides opportunities for students to learn life skills in business, dental technology, design and construction, fashion and hospitality, health science, information technology, manufacturing, nutrition and food, public safety, and transportation.

It was open from through Its library and its papers were all given to the Utah State University then. Arts and culture Logan is the home of the Utah Festival Opera, which hosts a number of performances through the year. The Ellen Eccles Theatre shows concerts, community theater, ballet, and classic movies, and it also hosts national touring companies. The Alliance for the Varied Arts hosts numerous 'Gallery Walk' events throughout the year in which participating businesses in historic downtown Logan feature different art, music, and food throughout their space.

Utah State University also hosts many artistic and cultural events, including traveling art galleries, symphony performances, plays, public lectures, and more.

Logan hosts a farmers' market every Saturday between the warmer months of May and October, from 9am to 1pm. Over twenty years old, the market is known as a gathering place for the sale of fresh, local produce, coffee, artisan breads, eggs, homecrafted gift items, art, children's activities and also for weekly concerts.

Logan Canyon has numerous hiking and camping areas, and its scenic First, Second, and Third Dams provide popular gathering spots for picnics, fishing, and other activities. Tony Grove Lake is about 25 miles east, at 8, feet elevation, with fishing, canoeing, camping and high-elevation hiking. Logan Canyon is also known as a place for rock-climbing, snowmobiling, hunting, and skiing.

The Willow Park Zoo is a small zoo located in Logan's Willow Park, boasting a small collection of wild animals including monkeys, coyotes, bobcats, bald eagles, and an assortment of land birds and ducks. Numerous other courses exist around the Cache Valley Area.

Nearby, the city of Logan runs an aquatic center and a skate park. During the winter season, the city operates an outdoor ice skating rink at Merlin Olsen Park Central Park.

Both news outlets cover the Logan and Cache Valley area. Each website contains many years worth and many thousands of video archives of local miscellaneous community events, government meetings, USU athletics, high school sports events, performances and news broadcasts. Some of the many website names include www. For primary television network affiliates, Logan is considered part of the Salt Lake City media market.

Serving the whole state of Utah, they have 32 translators and four full-power stations with broadcasts from Soda Springs, Idaho to St. UPR receives programming from several independent program producers, including The Beethoven Satellite Network, provider of a hour-a-day classical music service.

Utah State University also runs its own radio station, which is an affiliate of National Public Radio. Economy Logan has a wide diversity of economic sectors with a focus on education, manufacturing and processing, medical services, agriculture, and retail businesses.

Headquartered in Logan Utah State University— Doctoral land-grant university with high research activity. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning , N-Hance wood renewal. Franchising in over 45 countries. Campbell Scientific— scientific instrumentation. Cache Valley Electric— 48th largest private company in Utah. ConService— a utility billing company. Part of Fortune's INC Caffe Ibis— a coffee roasting company founded in and headquartered in Logan. Hogi Yogi— a fast-food restaurant chain. Gossner Foods— Dairy product manufacturer and producer.

Sun Remarketing— actually located inSmithfield, Utahnear Logan. Some of the press has erroneously stated such things as 'Sun Remarketing in Logan, Utah Utah Festival Opera— founded and headquartered in Logan. Kaysville - Kays Cross - An old memorial built by a man who's family was murdered. In the middle of a wooded area, there are reports of people in black cloaks and "dogmen" chasing people away.

Kaysville - mansion - man killed in a giant mansion and now you hear moaning a steps through the halls lights flicker on and off things like that Kearns - Kearns JR High - In the middle school where many students attuned all there class have spoke of a family at the top of the stairs standing there looking at you and walking away really slow the shadows of what the middle school students speak of is a mother a father 2 girls and one boy.

A former employee reports the feelings of being watched, apparitions, strange laughing and employees hair being touched.

Nearly every employee in all the stores has encountered unexplainable activity. The night security guards and cleaning crew frequently encounter "shadows" and hear strange noises. The potted plants are usually uprooted every day but nothing shows up on the security cameras. A former employee reports the phone would ring off the hook, but the caller id would show that no one called. Mannequins in store windows would move overnight. Other weird stuff happened there as well.

Layton - Hobbs Hollow - In Layton near the highway 89 turn off going to Ogden there is a secluded neighborhood, there is a hidden trail that leads to a very large hollow, on one side is a small forest area and on the other is a fairly big lake. Lehi - Lehi High School - When you are walking around the school at night the teachers say that there are ghosts in the halls running a talking to each other.

They get the feeling that things are watching them and breathing on their necks. Lehi - Lehi Historical Hospital - This hospital is over a hundred years old, the windows are broke and the back stairs have collapsed. At night there have been reported sights of a nurse that is hung hanging from a steel flag pole. The theme of the restaurant is set in the 's Old West. Workers there say to have things go missing.

One worker says while working in the back walk in a man in dark brown leather boots walked into the room through a solid wood wall. When the worker turned around to see who it was, there was no one.

The ghost is said to be an older male and usually out in the back blue dining room. There are even pictures of Porter Rockwell's grave stone!

Workers don't believe the ghost to be Porter Rockwell, himself. Lindon - Geniva steel - since the factory has been abandoned several groups of people have had strange experiences in the locker room, hearing footsteps behind you showers turning on and unexplained feelings. Logan - Cemetery - There is a gravestone of a lady which at night that looks like it is crying and you just get an eerie feeling.

Logan - Grapevine Restaurant - Ex-employees talk about strange goings on while working. Such as dishes flying against the walls and breaking, brooms being moved from one room to another as if being carried by an invisible entity.

To put a stop to these things for a while they had to speak sternly such things as "Stop it! You will not see animals here. Strange things have been reported. When you enter this location you get a feeling of despair, depression and hopelessness. You get a strong feeling of evil, of something evil being done there.

Logan - Nunery, Logan Canyon - there is a pool where a little boy drowned, and the pool is empty now, but there is a cold spot about 2 or 3 feet in diameter, where there is a freezing cold spot. There have been many sightings of children that were killed there. Magna - Cyprus High School - The schools auditorium is haunted. The stage lights go on and off mysteriously and bats fly through the room during assembly's, upon inspection they cannot find the bats or anywhere for them to nest or hide.

Also, there is a man dressed in clothes circa the 's. The school has burned down once and was rebuilt twice since it was constructed in Magna - Webster Elementary - many ghost hunters have been there and seen the ghost on camcorders; they go in classrooms and hear kids laughing, screaming and crying.

This school is abandoned now. The school was recently burned down police suspect vandalism and was subsequently torn down by demolision crews. Midvale - Union Middle School - there is a big black shadow that haunts the halls and when every one is in class it takes things from teachers the teachers brush it off as though they misplaced the items Minersville Creek - It is said to be haunted by a mysterious lady dressed in black. She was very rich and was crossing the country with some men. The lady had a feeling the men was going to still her money so she hid it somewhere down by the creek.

When the lady wouldn't tell the men where she hid the money, they killed her and the money was never found. To this day, people go to the creek in search for the money, but they never find it.

People have said to have seen her roaming the creek, keeping people away from her money and scaring people away from the haunted creek. Nobody knows what would happen to them if they found the money, and they hope they never find out. Timpanogas looks like a woman lying on her back. According to local Native American legend Timpanogas was a beautiful girl who wished to marry her lover from an enemy tribe.

Instead of allowing her to marry the young brave, her father, and the chief killed him. When Timpanogas found out she was so heartbroken she ran to the top of the nearest mountain to jump off and kill herself. Pitying her, the spirits made her fall asleep. She will wake up when her father allows the marriage in the spirit world. The caves are part of a guided tour and many strange phenomenon have been reported there; including the sound of crying, etc.

Mountain Meadows - This is the site of the infamous "Mountain Meadows Massacre" that occurred in To this day, the reasons behind the slaughter are unknown. Many have reported that when they approach the creek below the monument, they can hear voices of the dead calling out to them. The Auditorium is haunted by a ghost named Edwin who has played mean tricks on people such as hanging costumes in the curtain tracks and turning of the lights on unsuspecting people in the auditorium alone.

Also he pushed a coffin off the stage with a person inside it during the production of Dracula. During the war, one of the guards at the camp had two of his brothers killed in combat in France. The day he found out, he went to work, climbed up the guard tower and started shooting before he was eventually shot and killed by another guard. According to inmates and staff at the current facility, strange sounds, and electrical disturbances along with other phenomenon occur frequently.

According both present and past employees at CPC, there is a ghost named George that roams the warehouse. George is a friendly ghost who generally makes no noise, but has reportedly been seen by several employees darting between the aisles of the warehouse floor for the past 30 years or so. Ogden - 36th Street Cemetery - A glowing blue or green headstone or entity can be seen at night on the eastern edge of the cemetery close to the road.

Many laughing and talking ravens are found in the cemetery during the day and if you take pictures there at any time you will have several orbs or shadow people in the photos. Also, there are several headstones that are always warm to touch--so much so that in the winter the snow often melts off these stones but not the surrounding stones Ogden - Bellshire hospital - it was the old mental hospital and the doctor running it would torture the patients and many ghost hunt's have been there and there a girl coming down the stairs has been seen, there have been screams, and people seen from the windows, as well.

It was turned into a October haunted house called "Lazarus maze" in Ogden - Highland Middle School - has been said by eighth grade girl students that Highland is haunted. The bathroom on the H-hall when girls go in there the lights flicker on and off, and the sinks turn on. They claim to see a little girl saying Help me in the mirror. They try to run out, but they get locked in for at least five minutes. Ogden - Highland Middle School - Video Production Room - in the video production room there is a ghost her name is Wilma this one day she stayed after school to make a movie and she died of a panic attack because she locked her self in the room and since then she haunts people and many people say if you lock the door and stay in there by your self you can feel her grabbing at your ankles.

She stops the elevator on the 5th floor. Most people don't see her. But you feel her as she walks past you and smell her perfume. When she suddenly got hit by a car, and died, well if you go by her grave stone and blink your lights three or more times then she will appear as a green light but then she will appear to be a young girl and start to float towards your car cause she thinks your her ride.

According to your story she was hit by a car, unfortunately this was not the case. She was 15 years old and choked on a piece of hard candy, ultimately causing her death. She does however; still haunt the cemetery to this day, along with many others. Ogden - Smiles - Orbs and ghostly shadows appear in this photography studio, If you ask employees they might show you some of the pictures. Ogden - Thoughts Continuum - People have said that when they go there that they have seen books fly off of the shelves and have felt entities there.

Ogden - Tinsletown Theaters Newgate Mall - Several people have committed suicide that had worked for the previous theater company before Tinseltown bought the location. In the concession area and old theater section, management, employees, and movie goers have seen two black shadows, moving chairs, heard growls and other unexplained activity. Many times the projection room doors lock and the people inside working the projectors can't get out. Ogden - Union Station - One of Utah's oldest railroad stations at the west end of 25th Street, is the site of continuing unexplained activity and apparitions.

The site has been investigated and was featured on national television. The site is now a local museum and if you are lucky Apparently, the 22 year old male student was angry that his girlfriend dumped him and decided to start shooting at her and her classmates.

During class, around 1: Other unexplained activities such as a feeling of being watched have occurred as well. He was subsequently shot by a campus police officer. One witness performing first aid said the gunman bled heavily and when paramedics arrived, stopped breathing. Faint lights have been recorded in the room on a video camera by a local ghost hunting group. She was going to be late for her wedding. It was the early morning and still somewhat dark, she was driving too fast and the road was too curvy.

At any rate all they found was a bridal veil floating in the water, as she had slid off the road and presumably been killed. If you drive up the canyon to Huntsville in the early morning you might see a hitchhiker dressed in a white dress.

Some people who have stopped claim that the woman says she is late for her wedding and upon reaching Huntsville limits vanishes from the car. Orem - Scera movie theater - In the basement of the Scera family movie theater is a ghost we like to call "Eleanor", as we lack any information about her or her true name.

She walks around in the basement and occasionally up elsewhere, basically all around the older part of the Scera. Eleanor, a middle-aged woman, usually glows green or blue. No harm has been done by her. Many of the employees but few or none of the volunteers have seen her. She usually appears on Wednesdays. Some think she once worked there every Wednesday and died before she came to work one day, and, not knowing she's dead, still goes to work every day.

Orem - The Old bomb shelter - People have heard the sounds of a girl crying out for help and the sound of a man's muffled voice. Rumor has it that years after the shelter was abandoned from the war a girl was raped.

Inside it is dark and wet and always chilly.. Park City - the Snowed Inn - was built as an upscale replica to the owners distant grandmother. Grandmas spirit now lives in this Victorian mansion and likes to make her presence known to individuals staying there. The rooms are themed around the original home and grandma likes to occupy the bedroom themed after her own.

Her mist has been seen ascending and descending through the floors, and she has also shown up in pictures taken by the staff of the Victorian hotel. Park City - Old Prison - Even though there are dummies inside, people who have put on the old ball and chain around their ankle described having a hard time removing it due to a force in the atmosphere. They operated several decades.

History of murder and accidents over the course of the mines operation. Apparitions seen and heard in several of the interlinking mines by miners and caretakers.

Mines are currently not in operation. After rehearsal the submitter double checked that all the doors were locked and that everyone was out of the building. While painting the stage floor about 1 am, they heard strange noises upstairs as though someone was walking around. When they looked towards the front of the theater, they saw movement.

They went up and checked the lobby where They heard the voices, nobody was there and the doors were still locked. They went upstairs to see if or who was up there and there was nothing. When they went to finish painting they heard and saw the same things. The theater was one of the first buildings built on main street in PG.

It has always been a theater of some sorts. Many people who have worked there have witnessed strange things in one form or another. It is said that the devil owns those woods. People have seen everything up there, from spirts to people in black cloaks.

Come and build a fire and talk about the devil. Pleasent grove - Kiwannis Park - Years ago at the location of the park there was a battle of confusion between Indians and pioneers. There is a memorial there for all the life's that were lost. Many things happen there.

If you go up at night some have said that they see shadow's running around them. A few accounts say that there is a arch way of tree's that are almost like a spiritual pathway people that have walked thru the pathway say that instantly they hear screams and smell horrible horrible smell's. Every morning the padlocks would be blown off the door and the door would be wide open. Everyone was given strict instructions to let the janitor know if the locks were removed. Every morning, the janitor was told the locks were gone and he would replace the locks.

Also, the room is always extremely cold or extremely hot. In another part of the Music Library, the Harp room, a mysterious chair, called the "ghost chair" by some appeared out of nowhere and the librarians can't account for where it came from.

There is also a room in the back called the Music Recordings Archives where rows and rows of old records lie practically untouched and students often get scared or spooked in this room. Provo - Old Mill Apartment Complex - There have been sightings of a previous tenant who mysteriously died at 27 and was discovered in the pool shed. He has a football players' build, and always lurks around the girls' apartments.

Provo - Rock Canyon - The history on this place is that dozens of rock climbers have died right at the mouth of the Canyon, where the huge rocks start, there has also been one or more killings up there and some satanic rituals have been performed up there. When leaving you can feel a presence trying to follow you. Ogden - 25th Street - In the late 's Ogden was one of the epicenters of the West. It was also the World's murder capital. Most of the business along historic 25th street were brothels.

The "stores" were all connected beneath the street with a system of catacombs or tunnels.

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