Navy Skirts… and Tights?

7. Breaking the Rules. There is an idea that the lighter the dress is, the thinner the tights should be, but now there are more and more girls around breaking this principle going for silk guipure dresses with thick black tights in fall.

Breaking up colors at the ankles will make your legs look shorter, not longer. Perhaps on the more scandalous side, what about some s3xy nightwear for you as a gift for your partner? Where else should I look? I usually go for a thicker version, not a thin lace that can sometimes look strange and not be flattering at all. What color tights do you recommend?

I have a family memorial service to attend in December. I would like to wear a navy dress with 3/4 sleeves. Do I wear black tights and boots, brown boots with? tights .
For a maroon mini dress, go with heather tights and black riding boots. Elongating from the Ankles If you dress in ankle boots, don’t choose a different-colored tight; wear the shoes with matching tights for a look that's Jun 17,
Can You Really Wear Black and Navy Together? Plus, quick fixes for too-long pants and why fashion people never wear tights.
IME navy tights usually dont work with navy skirts /dresses as the navy is never the same colour. You need textured tights in navy or a different colour. I wear grey (usually a blue grey from M and S called carbon), magenta, purple, aubergine and olive green.
Navy and black used to be a fashion taboo (just ask my mother) but mixing them became trendy a few years ago. Now it's perfectly fine. I think black and brown went through a similar change recently.
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Pair a navy dress or skirt with black tights and shoes and the look is quite fresh and modern. With this look, I treated the navy skirt as if it were any other color, and had black tights and booties anchor it.

People say black tights and black shoes with navy is a faux pas, but I do it too, MB. Is this reasonably normal, or is everybody assuming I got dressed in the dark? Any recommendations for good quality, but not too expensive tights? I really like J.

Top 2 contenders are http: For either one, I would need a wrap of some sort to cover the flabby triceps. It was a disaster. Most of the dresses were far above my knees, even though I said that might be OK but I was more likely to want tea length or at the knee. She totally ignored my preference for natural fibers, and everything she pulled out was around twice the price I specified.

I also saw that when I am ready to get an office wardrobe, there will be lots to choose from there. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all thanks for doing your thing, letting me eavesdrop, and responding to my questions! One is never too old to learn. I regularly wear black shoes and navy tights with my navy dresses and skirts. Which is all fairness, they kind of are. I might have to look into a pair of plum sweater tights too. I just wore a J. For the office, I think that any color that would be considered as a neutral would be fine.

I also like the idea of layering a nude patterned or fishnet over an opaque tight for the office not court. Navy skirt goes perfect with barley black tights alternative Navy skirt with 60 denier opaque black tights, sexy or what.

Navy Skirts… and Tights? What color tights do you wear with a navy suit? Black tights and black shoes with navy tights. It looks really polished and professional. That said, I think you can wear just about any color tights with navy. Agree with the black tights and black shoes with navy. Also, slate gray as opposed to the more casual looking heather , brown or dark red. Do you wear navy shoes with the patterned navy tights? Gray shoes with the slate gray tights? I would probably match the tights, but you could probably go with black shoes for either.

I agree, I actually just stick with nude hose with navy skirts. Kat, you look great! I love that combo on you!

What about with brown suits? I have a cropped winter white jacket I can wear or a black one. In terms of whether to use black items rather than the lighter ones really boils down to the preferences of your family.

Is it custom for everyone to wear dark colours as a mark of respect, or are your family more from the 'celebrators of life' camp? You could go with navy tights or hose with black boots. Or brown tights with brown boots if your hair is brown. If it's chic and demure, it will look appropriate. This, or purple or navy blue solid cotton tights, which have a little thickness and are not see through, with brown boots. For a memorial service, I'd say black boots and black jacket.

Nude or black tights, depending on the weather, length of dress, and if you want to lighten up just a tad. I'd probably wear sheer navy hose with whichever boots or footwear looked best. And a coat vs. If the tights match exactly the tone of your shoes, this will again elongate your legs. If you opt for printed tights, you should match them with classic black, white, or gray dresses.

So if you have no doubts about your taste, then you can boldly go for the various combos of printed tights with dresses. In addition, if you want to match printed tights with your dress, the latter should be monotone. One thing that you should avoid with printed tights is picking options where the print visually cuts the leg in two horizontal lines or with colorful transitions.

This makes your legs shorter and wider. However, keep in mind that a blue dress, for instance, is not the best option for pink tights. On the other hand, gray options will be ideal for that shade of dresses. This pattern looks great for any legs when taken with the tiny type of the dots.

Black tights and black shoes with navy tights. It looks really polished and professional. Oh, and I am all about rocking the nude fishnets at work – but that won’t solve the warmth issue. Can You Really Wear Black and Navy Together? Plus, quick fixes for too-long pants and why fashion people never wear tights. How to choose your tights. Posted by Aloïs Guinut on Wednesday, February 12, navy blue dress + burgundy tights + leather. see them wear either a black or red dress.I was thinking what if u wear a black skating dress with red tights or a red dress with black’t that be .